Amusement Review Policy

I don’t think that there are too many kids out there that can match my love for amusement parks. I ride every single roller coaster and water slide that they let me on and never take a break. One time at Carowinds I rode 31 roller coasters in a day, and not the kiddie ones.

My parents take me on a long vacation at least once a year for my birthday and we stay at a park for a week. We wear out every place. We hit every single ride, watch every show, go to every store, and experience every last thing that there is.

We are still dreaming of our trip to Disney World because we will need a minimum of two weeks to accomplish our goals.

My reviews will be posted on this blog, reported to AAA, and every amusement park website that we can find.

If there is an amusement park, or other entertainment venue, out there that would like to treat me to their park to do a review, my Mom and Dad promised me that we will make it to every one. Contact my Daddy through email: michaelawoodjr at live dot com, or his website

I will review amusement parks and entertainment places on the following system:

1 girlie skull – An embarrassing effort, this place stinks, it should be buried.

2 girlie skulls – Not much effort here, don’t waste your time.

3 girlie skulls – Eh, it was okay, there are better places.

4 girlie skulls – Hey, this place is pretty darn good, you should check it out.

5 girlie skulls – Super Awesome! Go as soon as you can.


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