REVIEW! The Sisters Club: Cloudy with a Chance of Boys

The Sisters Club: Cloudy with a Chance of Boys
by Megan McDonald
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published March 8th 2011 by Candlewick Press
ISBN 0763646156 / ISBN13: 9780763646158

Overall Rating:



The Sisters Club: Cloudy with a Chance of Boys is the third book in The Sister’s Club series, The Sisters Club and The Sisters Club: Rule of Three are the first two. Megan McDonald also writes the The Judy Moody Uber-Awesome Collection: Books 1-9, which I love.

The cover caught my attention because of the background illustrations and doodles. I also like the frogs, the sparkles didn’t make a difference.

The illustrations are doodles from the younger sister, Joey’s, journal. The doodles are funny. The drawings match what is going on in the story. This book is about boys and how the two sisters, Stevie and Alex, talk about boy problems and how to solve them. Their little sister, Joey, tries to help them but she doesn’t like boys.

Stevie is trying to figure out Wire Rims, a boy in her class that likes her. Alex wants to get the part of Juliet so she can kiss Scott, who ends up being Romero. Joey is just weird about Sir-Croaks-Alot.

Alex has plays starring Alex, Joey has journal entries, and Stevie is the main character in the chapters. I can relate to Joey most because she is my age and I’m not into boys. I would definitely recommend this books to girls my age and older. I really loved this book.


Reviews by Katlyn

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REVIEW! Adventures in Cartooning: Christmas Special

Adventures in Cartooning: Christmas Special
By: James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, Alexis Frederick-Frost
Paperback, 64 pages
Expected publication: September 18th 2012 by First Second
ISBN: 1596437308 / ISBN13: 9781596437302

Overall Rating:


I received an advanced copy of this book and it is not due to come up until September 18th 2012, but you can pre-order a copy by clicking this link: Adventures in Cartooning: Christmas Special

I love how the cover art is really creative and funny.

I love the illustrations because they are fantastic. I love their emotions and their expressions.

The story is about how Santa is sad that kids watch TV most of the day and how they don’t ask for books anymore. One of Santa’s elves sent the raindeer away and that was a funny part, and when the knight told his stories.

The main characters are Santa, the comic book elf, and the knight. I can’t relate to the characters because I don’t have anything in common.

I love this book. My favorite part was when the knight told his stories. I hope you love this book too.

Reviews By Katlyn

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Shaun the Sheep

Upcoming SHaun the Sheep review!

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Girls 20″ Bike – Giant Areva

ImageFrom Katlyn: I like it because it is a mountain bike and can easily go up hills and do not have to worry about struggling to get up them. It is a little heavy for me but it looks really good and the gears are really smooth to change.

From Daddy: We got this bike for her on her 6th birthday. Katlyn is average height but is a little on the petite side. I have been thoroughly impressed by the Giant. It was a little big for her at first, but she was able to cope. She is now in her 3rd summer riding it. There has not been a single problem and she abuses the bike like any kid does. Next year we will be upgrading to a 24″ bike, but I have no problems recommending this bike or one of the similar new models to any parent out there. This is a quality bike, while more expensive then we tend to want to spend for kids, we have gotten 3 riding seasons out of it and she will go on 15 mile rides with us, There’s not a Wal-Mart bike out there that could take that amount of use and not have a single drop of maintenance. I would to upgrade her mother and my bike’s badly, we have Schwinns. and to laugh at the quality difference, our rims are not straight any longer like the Giant’s are and if you spin the front tire of the Giant, wait a minute and spin the tire of the Schwinn, the Giant will be spinning long after the Schwinn stopped. Excellent bike. When do we get ours!?

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